High accessible Pre-authorizations.

Temporarily hold an amount on your customer’s credit card. During the hold period, the funds are unavailable to the customer. The funds can be captured if needed, for example, when someone checks out of a hotel, or when they return their rental vehicle.

Use cases for Pre-Authorization

There are a lot of use cases for pre-authorization payments. A few are explained to show the flexibility of our product.

Hotels, B&B’s & Hostels

Hotels use pre-authorization payments while guests stay in hotel rooms, charging for the stay and once the guest has checked out, they refund their charge minus costs.

Car & Vehicle Rental

Car and vehicle rental companies can use pre-authorizations to make security deposits before a client takes the car, and refund it in full or partially when they return the vehicle.

Rental Equipment

Equipment can be really expensive. Before renting it out customers pay a security deposit, and you release it when they bring back the equipment.

Reserve money, Capture later.

A pre-authorization is an authorization of a charge, the card issuer reserves the funds up to 7 days*. During that time you can partially or fully settle (capture), release or cancel the (remaining) charge.

 * Want to hold your capture for a longer period? Contact us and we will see if your PSP supports this in your case. 

Multicurrency support

Up to 31 days possible

Partial capture possible

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