What is 3D Secure Fraud Prevention?

3D Secure is a protocol founded by VISA under the brand name ‘Verified by VISA’ later credit card issuers MasterCard and AmericanExpress joined this 3D Secure protocol to reduce fraud and offer more security for online credit cards transactions.

It has 3 layers (domains)  first you have the card issuer, then you have the merchant, and last you have 3DS which validates every transaction with a Pincode.


How does 3D Secure work?

When a customer doing an online purchase and pays via credit card, they will be automatically redirected to a secure 3D page, here they need to fill in a password, after this, your payment will be approved by the credit card issuer.

Credit Card Issuers that supports 3D Secure:
  • MASTERCARD  (MasterCard SecureCode)
  • VISA  ( Verified by Visa)
  • AMERICAN EXPRESS (Discover ProtectBuy)
  • DINERS CLUB (SafeKey)


Benefits of 3D Secure

3D is an extra security layer on top of your checkout process, it reduces customer refunds, which means you save money on refund costs and of course valuable time.

It is extra protection for fraud with stolen credit card details, which will have a negative impact on your business reputation if you do not take steps to prevent it.


Start using 3D Secure Fraud Protection!

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