What is SOFORT?

Find out all you need to know about SOFORT Banking! What is it? Who uses it? And what are the benefits of this payment method?

What is SOFORT Banking?

SOFORT Banking is an online payment methods that allows it’s consumers to make purchases and donations without having to create multiple accounts.

It is a safe, European payment method that allows transfers to be made in real-time. Once a transaction or purchase is completed with SOFORT, instant confirmation is sent to the merchant.

Benefits of SOFORT Banking Payment Method?

A variety of advantages come with using SOFORT Banking. These include:

  • For customers, there is no need for them to create new banking credentials. They log into their SOFORT Banking account with the same log in as for their normal bank.
  • SOFORT offers easy banking with real-time transaction. This means that merchants receive instant notification of a payment and do not have to wait to dispatch goods or provide a service.
  • SOFORT is safe and offers a very flexible way to pay. With more than 20 million European users, SOFORT Banking is a trusted and reliable payment method.

How to accept SOFORT payment method?

Accepting SOFORT Banking with PayRequest is easy.
PayRequest offers an all-in-one payment platform where you can give your cusotmers the choice of over 20 different payment methods, including SOFORT Banking.

Once you have sign up for PayRequest you will be able to start accepting payments from around the world.

When customers select SOFORT as their payment method of choice they will be redirected to the SOFORT Banking page where they will compete the transaction. You will then receive immediate notification of the payment.

For a full list of payment methods that can be accepted with PayRequest check this article: payment methods list

Which countries use SOFORT?

With over 20 million users, SOFORT is a payment method that you cannot neglect to accept at your checkout. SOFORT is currently available in 8 different European countries. These are:

For a full list of payment methods by country check this article: payment methods by country 

Who is PayRequest?

PayRequest is an all-in-one payment platform offering you the most efficient solution to accepting the majority of payment methods are currencies from account the world, with real-time transactions and conversions.

Whatever your business, we’ve got the right payment solution for you. With users from around the world choosing us as their trusted payment provider, let us help you too.

As an OpenStartup we offer complete transparency as a company and work towards providing our customers with exactly what they need to make accepting payment easy and help your company thrive!

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