Add a Free Donation Button to Your Website

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    Add a Free Donation Button to Your Website?

    Find out how to add a free donation button to your donations page. A quick and easy way to direct visitors to your payment page.


    What is a Donation Button?

    A donation button is exactly what it sounds like. it’s a button. However, it’s a very useful tool for donation pages, fundraising pages, non-profits, and similar organizations as it provides a simple and direct way for page visitors and donors to make a quick donation.

    A donation button can be added to a website or various other fundraising platforms. Once clicked on, the button leads directly to your organization’s donation page.


    How to Create a Free Donation Button?

    The process for creating your donation button is made quick and easy with PayRequest. PayRequest provides an online fundraising tool with a vast variety of tools and features to make your donation page fresh and optimized.

    Creating your donation page with PayRequest is quick and easy. You can even customize the colors and branding to suit your organization.

    Once you have created your donation or fundraising page, you simply create and share a payment link, in the form of a donation button to your website. All of this is done in just a few simple steps.


    How to use a Donation Button?

    Once you have created your personalized donations page, you will be able to share it with whoever you wish. You will be able to accept all donations, big and small, from your donors.

    The donation button should be placed in a highly visible spot on your website. That way people do not have to go searching for ways to donate to your cause. The easier you make it for people to donate the more people will.

    Another great advantage that comes from creating your donation button with PayRequest is that you will be able to accept all payment methods and currencies from around the world! This means there are no limits and you do not have to worry about finding other ways to accept donations.

    Other than a donation button, another great way to publicize your donation page and provide an easy donation method is via a payment link. Simply share your payment link with a donor and with just a simple click they will be able to donate.

    Receiving donations and payments has never been as simple as with PayRequest.

    Why not try it out for free? Create your own donation button here.

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