Online School Payments

Online School Payments

Online School Payments

Discover the new online payment system being used by schools worldwide! Efficient, payment solutions for schools and parents.

School Payments

Processing the various payments throughout the school year can be stressful. From tuition fees to field trip payments and even fundraising. Keeping up with the payments is a challenge for many parents.

Modern technologies are now making it much faster and easier to make daily payments. This is a great opportunity for schools to integrate a smooth, all-in-one payment system, providing parents with simplicity and structure, and schools with a detailed overview of all payments.

Stress-free school payments

PayRequest is an online payment system specifically tailored to help businesses in all industries to accept and process payments in a simple and effective way.

Not only does PayRequest offer the easiest way to manage payments, but there are also some special features that can make all the difference to schools and universities when accepting payments.

School Payment features made easy

1. Accept student payments

PayRequest offers an all-in-one system, meaning you will be able to accept all payment methods and currencies, with real-time conversion rates. This puts no limits on parents when choosing how to pay.

2. Branding for your School
With PayRequest you can customize your payment page by adding your own branding colors and logo. This keeps your payment page unique to your school and is easily recognizable to parents.

3. Private dashboard for payments
The dashboard is a super helpful tool for schools. Here it is possible for the school to manage all payments. You are able to track the status of payments (pending, received, paid) and log all payments made. It is also possible to print out these statements if necessary.

4. Payment reminders
Payment reminders offer a friendly way for you to reach out to parents regarding outstanding payments. Payment reminders are sent with a simple link that when clicked leads straight to your payment page. This offers a hassle-free, fast, and convenient way for parents to complete their outstanding payments.

5. Subscriptions for Schools
Lastly, for recurring payments (such as school lunches or other monthly fees), it is possible to set up subscriptions for parents. This way payments are processed automatically, leaving parents with one less thing to think about.

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