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What is iDeal? How to Accept iDeal Payments

Find out more about the Dutch payment method iDeal, how it is used, and how you can accept this ever more popular form of payment.

What is iDeal?

iDeal is a popular Dutch payment method used throughout the Netherlands which allows any Dutch card holder to perform easy, contactless, online transactions.

As a personal online banking platform, iDeal allows for fast payments without the hassle of inserting all of the cardholder details.

iDeal is the payment method most used and accepted in the Netherlands. As it’s popularity continues to grow, as a business (within or outside the Netherlands), accepting iDeal payments is a very beneficial step to take towards becoming a multinational business. 

How to Accept iDeal Payments

A common misconception, is that in order to accept an iDeal payment, you must have iDeal yourself. This would of course be very inconvenient.

There is actually a very easy way to accept iDeal payments no matter what payment method you use and no matter where in the world your business is based. That simple solution is to use a payment gateway such as PayRequest.

Payment Gateway, PayRequest

A payment gateway is esencially a channel, or a ‘middle man’, that is used to make a recieve payments.

PayRequest stands out, because we accept a huge variety of currencies and payment methods from across the globe (Europe, America, Asia, Africa).

This opens your business up to large opportunities by being able to accept not just iDeal payments but all payment methods.

PayRequest is simple and easy to use and very cost effective. Once you have signed up you will have access to your personal payment page where you will be able to create and monitor payment links, QR code payments, donation pages and much more.

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