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Facebook Payment Options - Accept quick and easy

Find out the best way to accept payments on Facebook. Use the all-in-one platform to accept realtime payments from around the world.

Facebook payments

Facebook now offers us some great pages such as marketplace and other online communities where we can buy and sell items quickly and easily. The question is, when it comes to completing the payment, what is the best and most convenient Facebook payment option?

PayRequest is here to provide you with the fastest and simplest way to complete a Facebook payment and get your money!

How to accept facebook payments

Soon you will be able to accept Facebook payments in seconds! Here’s how…

Sign up for free
Start by signing up to PayRequest for free and completing the onboarding process (this takes just a moment).

Create a PayRequest payment page
Once you have signed up you will be given your personal payment page. This is where you will accept and monitor Facebook payments from now on.

Create & share payment link
From your payment page you can create and share a payment link. Share this link in a facebook chat, comment or post with your customer/customers.

Customer’s turn
Once you have sent your payment link just have to wait for your customer to complete the payment. Completing the payment is easy for them. They simply click on the link, select their payment method of choice and click pay.
PayRequest accept over 20 payment methods and most currencies so there are no excuses for not paying!

Monitor your payments
You can track and log all your Facebook payments in your private PayRequest dashboard. Once a payment is made you will receive a notification. All payments are processed in realtime.

Are you accepting donations? Then create and share your donations page. It’s simple and easy.

What else?

You can use PayRequest for accepting not just Facebook payments, but many others.

Accept payments through other social media channels, via SMS, email, your website and more. PayRequest provides you with an all-in-one payment platform. It’s up to you how you wish to use it.

Ready to start accepting Facebook payments? Sign up today!

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