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    With an outstanding payment reminder via SMS, you can remind your customer of a friendly way to pay their outstanding invoice, with PayRequest you can directly send an SMS to your customer with a payment link, most SMS payment requests are paid within 24 hours.

    PayRequest makes it easy to send outstanding payment requests via SMS and lets them simply pay via payment link with all popular payment methods.


    Why use Outstanding SMS Payment Requests

    We have all found ourselves in the annoying situation of waiting, and still waiting, for an outstanding payment to be paid. Depending on the client, it can sometimes be difficult to find the right words and the right moment to gently remind the customer.

    Often we are also then left waiting, wondering if the reminder you sent them has been seen, and whether or not you are simply waiting for the payment to be processed.

    All in all, outstanding payments are just a bit tricky and uncomfortable sometimes, but they don’t have to be.

    SMS payment request

    PayRequest would like to offer you a simple solution; an SMS payment request. Here’s what it is and how to use it.

    An outstanding SMS payment request is the perfect way to reach your client with a simple and friendly reminder to complete the outstanding payment.

    Your customer will receive a straightforward SMS with a short message and a payment link that they can click to instantly complete the payment with their payment method of choice. Using a pay-by link means there is no need for you to write anything.

    Thanks to one of PayRequest’s features, the SMS payment request allows your client to pay with a variety of over 20 different key payment methods. PayRequest also accepts the majority of currencies, with real-time conversion, so there are really no excuses for the outstanding payment not being completed.


    As the sender, it is possible for you to track the status of the outstanding SMS payment request. In your private dashboard, you will be able to track the full journey from sent, delivered, and opened to paid.

    It is also possible to adjust your settings in order to receive a notification when the payment request has been paid.

    The full payment is processed and logged online, however, it is also possible to print out an invoice when required.



    Outstanding SMS Payment Request Templates

    To help you get started, we created some SMS Examples which you can easily with PayRequest to send your customers an SMS Payment Request.

    Friendly SMS Payment Reminder

    “Dear {NAME}, this is a friendly reminder that your invoice with an amount of (AMOUNT)  was due for payment on (DUE DATE). To avoid further costs, we like to give you the opportunity to pay easily via payrequest.me/business/{amount}/{title}   Tank you, (COMPANY)

    Follow-up Friendly SMS Payment Reminder

    “Dear {NAME}, we have still not received the amount of (AMOUNT)  that was due on (DUE DATE). We still want you to give the opportunity to pay it without any extra costs,  pay easily via https://payrequest.me/business/{amount}/{title}   Tank you, (COMPANY)”

    Final Overdue Payment Reminder

    Dear {NAME}, despite our previous reminders; we have still not received your payment. We regret to inform you that we have no other choice but to undertake legal action against you to retrieve the debt, please pay today to avoid further actions via payrequest.me/business/{amount}/{title}  Thank you {COMPANY NAME}”

    Send Outstanding SMS Payment Requests Today!

    Connect a payment gateway and start sending your first payment link via SMS within seconds!

    Sending your first outstanding payment request via SMS is easy.

    Simply sign up to our website for free, follow the simple steps of the onboarding (this takes just a moment), connect your stripe account (or create a new one), and you’re ready to go!

    Once you have signed up you will be given your own unique payment page. It is here that you can create and send your payment request SMS in just a few clicks.

    There are many more super useful features that come with PayRequest. Don’t forget to sign up!

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