PayRequest Update 5 Released!

PayRequest Update 5 In this new version we have not developed new features, but also improve our security & performance for not only Previous Updates PayRequest Update 4: PayPal integration, TAX Support, Custom Fields, Products, Multi-Currency Payment Links, PayRequest Update

Stripe donation platform

Stripe Donation Platform Stripe is the best payment processor if you are looking for a donation platform to accept online donations, we at PayRequest are Stripe Partner and have to build donation features like a donation feed and donation goals

how to get paid via stripe
How to get paid via Stripe

How to get paid via Stripe? This is a question that I often hear from new freelancers who are looking to earn money through their websites or mobile apps. In this article, we will look at how to integrate Stripe

Stripe pre-authorization

Stripe pre-authorization With Stripe Pre-authorization you can place a temporary hold on a card for up to 7 days, and the amount will always be available to capture or to refund, after no action after 7 days the full amount

Stripe Payment Page

Stripe Payment Page These businesses looking for a simple way to accept payments, with a Stripe Payment Page you have your own page where your customers or audience can pay you real-time, there is no technical required, just send your

Stripe SMS Payments
Stripe SMS Payments

Stripe SMS Payments Over 85 percent of Americans own smartphones, making SMS payments a feasible option for most customers. With Stripe SMS Payments, you can send out a text message to their customer‘s phone number or email ad­dress, and the

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