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How to - payment link by email

Find out how to send a payment link by email. It’s simple, easy, and a great way to complete a payment quickly and efficiently with a customer.

What is a payment link?

If you’ve stumbled onto this blog you perhaps already have an idea of what a payment link is.. but here’s a quick explanation.

A payment link is a link that can be sent between vendor and customer, which allows for fast and easy, online processing of payment (without the need of an invoice).

Using a payment link to complete a payment is becoming increasingly more popular due to it’s versatility. For example, payment links with PayRequest can be sent as a link, a QR code, or can be shared on a website.

Payment links can be sent by email, SMS, Whatsapp, social media, and more.

Another benefit of using payment links with a payment provider like PayRequest is the extensive variety of payment methods and currencies you can accept. Accept over 20 payments methods and the majority of currencies!

How to send a payment link by email

With this post, we want to explain the simple and convenient method for sending a payment link via email.

1. Firstly make sure you are signed up and logged into your PayRequest account. (Signing up is free and takes just a moment)

2. Next, head to your personal payment page that you created with PayRequest.

3. Create a payment link by inserting the amount to be paid and any other necessary information.

4. Select that you wish to share the payment link by email.

5. Insert the email address you wish the payment link to be sent to.

6. Your payment link will be sent to your customer.

7. Monitor the status of your payment link in your private dashboard

8. Once the payment has been completed by the customer, you will receive a notification and the status of the payment will change to paid.

What else can you do with PayRequest?

PayRequest offers many other useful features to it’s customers. Find out a bit more here:

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